Spanish Good Conduct Certificates

What is the Certificate of Good Conduct?

Often requested by employers and other organisations such as Ofsted, Local Authorities, and Adoption agencies, it is similar to the British DBS check. The Spanish Ministry of Justice will perform a check on the Central Registry of Convicts and if no record of wrongdoing is found, issue the "certificado de antecedentes penales" (Certificate of Good Conduct) stating this fact.

How much does it cost?

The current cost of obtaining your Spanish Good Conduct Certificate is just 3.70 Euros (approx £2.80 plus bank transfer fee of around £10). For your passport to be certified, it should cost you about £5, That's just less than £18 in total.

How to get your Good Conduct Certificate from Spain:

Here's what you will need for a successful application...

1. A certified copy of your passport. 2. A completed application form 3. A payment receipt of 3.70 Euros per application.




This is really important:

When you make an application to the Spanish Ministry of Justice for your Good Conduct Certificate, or "Certificado de Antecedentes Penales" as it is known in Spain, the application needs to be correct and complete. Allow me to repeat the application needs to be correct and complete. I cannot stress how important this is. Applications that are incorrect or incomplete will be rejected by the Spanish Ministry.

Step 1..

Let's take each part of the application in turn, starting with the certified copy of your passport.

You must have a current valid passport, so it must not have expired. Make an appointment to see a solicitor for the purpose of obtaining a certified copy of your passport. Solicitors do this regularly so will be familiar with your request. It typically costs around £5 to £10 to get a passport copy certified.

The solicitor will photocopy your passport (colour or black/white is ok) and then write on the copy "I certify this to be a true copy of the original passport" or something very similar. The solicitor will put their name address and telephone number onto the copy (possibly a stamp), before signing and dating it. It is very important that the solicitor does not write over the printed area of the photocopied passport.

Where do people go wrong? Sending a copy of your passport without the certification WILL result in a failed application. Having a teacher, doctor, Post Office or other professional to certify the passport will also mean that the application WILL be rejected.

Step 2..

Next, you need to obtain the Spanish application form and fill it in.

You can download the form here from the Spanish Ministry of Justice website

Step 3..

Finally, you will need to make payment of the application fee to the Spanish Ministry. Currently 3.70 Euros.

You will need the completed application form, before you can make payment as you will need the unique reference number from the top right hand corner of the application form. The fees that banks charge for processing an international transfer do vary. £10 or so is not unusual. Please note that the Spanish fee is subject to change and you should check the current rate by visiting the Ministry of Justice website, or ask for our assistance.

The account details you will need to make payment are as follows:

ACCOUNT HOLDER: Ministerio de Justicia - Cuenta Restringida Recaudación Tasas Extranjero
(Ministry of Justice - Foreign Fee Collection Blocked Account)

IBAN or International Bank Account number: IBAN ES62 0182 2370 4202 0800 0060
BBVA Bank Identification Code (BIC): BBVAESMMXXX

Important: When you make payment, it is essential that you include a payment reference. This has to be the same as the number at the top right of YOUR APPLICATION FORM. Your application form is unique and so is the payment reference.

After you have made payment you should obtain the receipt / proof of payment. If you paid online simply print it out. If you paid at a bank, keep the receipt they will give you. If you want the certificate to be sent to a UK address, don't be tempted to send payment online via a Spanish bank account. Use a UK high street bank instead.

Now you have everything needed for a successful application.

You should have:

  1. A completed, signed and dated APPLICATION FORM
  2. A certified copy of your current valid passport.
  3. A payment receipt.

Place all three documents into the addressed envelope and take it to the Post Office and ask them to take the correct payment for mainland Spain, and send it on its way to:

Oficina Central de Atención al Ciudadano del Ministerio de Justicia
Sección de certificados de penales
Calle de la Bolsa 8

Under normal circumstances, your certificate should be with you within about 2 -3 weeks however, there are significant delays at the current time and certificates are taking as long as 3 months to be delivered to applicants, so please consider this before sending your application.

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